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Our partnership and referral programs allow you to bring the very best in expertise, experience and vision to those you work with and support.

We want to change the world – and we need your help!

We’ve learned a lot about the world of media, technical and creative production over the years, and our joy and passion is to share that with people and see them transform their experiences and environments for the better. Becoming a referral partner is easy and helps everyone make the most of their passions, opportunities, and purpose.

There are two ways you can get involved, and get paid, as a referring partner with Team Wilson Media.




• Provide us info and a contact for a potential project
• Fill out our Project Referral Agreement and provide documentation

Receive 1.5% of the net profit from the completed project!


• Complete our Referral Partnership application and Agreement
• Identify a project, establish the scope and qualify the project
• Establish a connection between TWM and the point of contact
• Submit an Initial Scope Assessment for the project
• Participate as Liaison during project discovery

Receive 5% of the net profit from the completed project!


  • Available only to US Citizens or those qualified to perform work in the US as an independent contractor
  • Participants must provide a Form W9 and will receive a 1099-MISC for any money paid from projects
  • Participation is non-exclusive, and eligibility is based on fulfillment of the Terms of Service and related Agreements
  • Referral Payments are based on the final reconciliation of the project and are to be paid within 30 days of TWM’s receipt of the final payment
  • An estimation of the referral may be provided but is not guaranteed, as profit margins are project-specific and highly variable
  • Net profit is defined as invoiced revenue, less cost of goods, labor, and other expenditures directly connected to the fulfillment of a project as defined by an agreement and related documentation, reconciled after the project is considered complete by both the Client and Team Wilson Media and all related, non-subscription payments have been noted as received
  • Participation is at-will, participants are not considered employees of Team Wilson Media
  • Participants will not receive Cost or Price Lists, Mailing Lists, or other Trade Information as a part of the program
  • Referrals are based on a per-project basis, and Project Referrals are valid for only one project per client
  • Payment will be made to the first qualified referring partner registered to the project
  • The referring partner may not be formally affiliated with the primary project client or with Team Wilson Media


Complete the appropriate Agreement and Application and then submit your projects below, or submit completed forms and information to

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